What is a Time and Energy Audit?

by | May 1, 2020 | Misc

Have you conducted a time and energy audit on your workday? Put another way, when is the last time you identified waste in how you spend your time and energy?

What is a Time and Energy Audit?

Creating simple rituals can help you maximize your energy and time and provide you with a satisfying sense of accomplishment.
For your time audit, define tasks that really don’t need your time to be completed, but could be handled by someone other than yourself. Here are a few of the many tasks that can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant:

1. Email Management
2. Calendar Management
3. Appointment creation and confirmation
4. Lifestyle solutions like managing vendor/doctor appointments, personal calendars, etc
5. Data entry – proofreading – expense reports

Can an Audit really help?

What would you do with a minimum of 2 ½ extra hours a week? For your list of to-do’s, split them into two categories: “low attention” and “high attention”. Design your typical workday doing things that match your energy level. In other words, those projects at work that demand a high focus level may need to be addressed during your high energy level times. These are often those work-specific tasks that fall into a billable-hours category and make money for your business.

Keep in mind that cleaning up your desk, setting up your to-do list for tomorrow, returning phone calls can all be done during your low energy times. Also, those tasks and many, many others can be done before or after regular business hours, or can be off-loaded to a Virtual Assistant.

If you are ready to begin your “new normal” with someone who can support you and help you maintain the focus you need moving forward, consider hiring a Virtual Task Pro Assistant. Contact us soon, so that we can “Virtually Change Your Life”!

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