How to Hire a Virtual Lifestyle Manager

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Virtual Lifestyle Management

DROPSHIP Lifestyle asks, “Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could clone yourself and let your duplicate take care of all of the mundane business maintenance? That alone would free up your time, so you can focus on business growth, or even a week-long vacation, without having to stress out about anything. Sound crazy? Well, we can show you how to hire a Virtual Lifestyle Manager to find precisely what you are seeking.

How to Hire a Virtual Lifestyle Manager

There are five tips below on how to hire a Virtual Lifestyle Manager – one that you will want to keep for a long time!

Tip #1: Prioritize English Skills (Hire a Native Speaker)

The better grasp of the English language your freelancers have, the easier your life will be after hiring them. Hire native speakers if your budget allows it. Otherwise, go for non-native speakers that are fluent in English. 

Tip #2: Experience Level

It is tempting to hire someone with no experience or feedback. They may be cheaper. But, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. We strongly recommend shelling out one or two extra bucks per hour in return for a freelancer that comes highly recommended

Tip #3: Availability & Longevity

After making sure that the Virtual Lifestyle Manager speaks English well and has the experience, you need to make sure they are available for work. The best Virtual Lifestyle Managers are typically busy because clients keep coming back and referring them to others.

Tip #4: The Interview (Live)

Once you’ve used the above tips to narrow down your candidates to the final two or three, get on Zoom with them!  Sure, they said they’re fluent in English and available to work with you, but is it true? It will quickly become clear, whether or not this is somebody that will be able to do a good job on the task to which you assign them.

Tip 5: Teachable

It’s great to work with a teachable freelancer, because they can learn to wear many hats. If you hire a Virtual Lifestyle Manager to do customer service and then decide you need blog posts written, then a little training with a your Virtual Assistant ensures that both tasks are taken care of.

Where to Find the Right VA? 

You have two choices: you can either find a Virtual Lifestyle Manager through friends and referrals, or you can hire one via this blog.

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