What are Lifestyle Management Services?

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Virtual Lifestyle Management

So, what are Lifestyle Management Services? Don’t you wish you had a Girl Friday available for a limited amount of time each week that would be like a housekeeper cleaning up your messes? That would be Lifestyle Management Services: a trusted assistant specializing in freeing up time in your schedule for you to focus on new business and focus on your wellness. Too often, we don’t make time for the family, and we miss those things in life that are most important; your son’s football game, your daughter’s swim meet, meeting the boy taking your daughter on her first date, your wife’s or husband’s birthday or anniversary

You’re a busy entrepreneur, solopreneur, or boss human. Virtual Task Pro can take over all the little things that slow you down. Our Pro Ultimate Package is for those that need a full-time personal or office assistant – but just haven’t had the time or space to onboard a new position. That’s where we shine – as a Virtual Personal Assistant!

What are Lifestyle Management Services?

What are some of the activities that need doing, but you dread to take the time from competing for new business?

  • Calendar Management
  • Email Management
  • Data Entry
  • Expense Reports
  • Proofread Documents, Correspondence, Online Material
  • Travel Reservations
  • Research
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Invoice Management
  • Meeting Planning
  • Database Management
  • Virtual Lifestyle Management
  • Online Document Organization
  • Customer Service

Virtual Task Pro

I remember those days of addressing and stuffing envelopes to invite clients to a seminar, inputting email addresses to my customer management software, making outgoing reminder phone calls, filling out expense vouchers to get reimbursed, and making travel hotel arrangements. Those things take time and don’t contribute to more business.

You can hire a Virtual Task Pro for 10 to 35 hours a month and avoid providing office space and expenses for another employee.

I’m Kandice Gunn, Founder of Virtual Task Pro. My mission is to clear the tasks from your agenda that can bog down your day. Why choose me for your Virtual Assistant solution? Well, frankly, I’ve been there – in the trenches.

In 2008, I moved to a Colorado Ski town and started a luxury vacation rental business. Honestly, I had not a clue what was to come!

However, I made it work, and I ran this successful business for 11 years before selling it and relocating. During those 11 years, there were so many times I could have used the help of a Virtual Assistant to tackle everyday tasks that slowed me down. I learned how valuable time is when running a business. If only I had known back then, exactly what are Lifestyle Management Services?

As a Virtual Assistant, I show my clients how to delegate and get time back on their side. I take the work out of hiring a personal assistant or an office manager by providing my expertise virtually! With Virtual Task Pro on board, we can tackle projects you would normally assign to a proofreader, executive or personal assistant, office manager, and more. There is no need to set up a desk or roll in more benefits – Virtual Task Pro can handle your tasks with the click of a button.

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