What is a Domestic Virtual Assistant?

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Virtual Lifestyle Management

Do you ever wonder “What is a Domestic Virtual Assistant?” When defining “Virtual Assistant,” (or Domestic Virtual Assistant) this is the most inclusive explanation we have found, courtesy of Small Business Trends.

 A Virtual Assistant is an independent worker who assists with administrative, business development, social media, marketing, or other tasks. Taking on recurring tasks and administrative work frees up time for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers. The Domestic Virtual Assistant works remotely, often from a home office in the United States.

Virtual Lifestyle Management can do a lot to boost your business’s productivity. Think of it this way.  How an owner spends their time might be the most significant factor in the success of the business.  So business owners (and key managers) need to spend their time on high-value activities.

Rob Levin, Chairman of Work Better Now, puts it this way, “In order to spend time on high-value activities, it was vital for me to spend less time on lower-value activities.”

What Can a Domestic Virtual Assistant Do for Me?

Here’s a Baker’s Dozen list of what a VA can do:

1. Coordinate and schedule calls and appointments. This activity alone saves owners about 10 hours a week 

2. Confirm appointments. The VA eliminates wasting time when the other party forgets or waits until the last minute to cancel.

3. Provide reminders about calls and appointments. The Virtual Assistant can call or text you a few minutes before to ensure you don’t forget.

4. Reschedule calls and appointments. While you may try to avoid it, sometimes, you need to reschedule. Again, your VA can handle this for you.

5. Provide notice of schedule changes to others. The Virtual Assistant will also provide information to the other party and get the rescheduled time confirmed.

6. Protect time.  Saying no to someone who wants to meet for a coffee to “catch up” is now the VA”s job. The VA can be the bad cop.

7. Inform significant others when you will be out of town.  The VA gives significant others a calendar invite with the out-of-town dates and flight and hotel details, keeping them informed. 

8. Screen emails. VAs will delete, respond, forward, or flag emails for your attention.

9. Add people to contacts. When you have a call, meeting, or some other form of engagement with someone new, the Virtual Assistant can add that person’s details to your contacts.

10. Update people’s info to contacts. Sometimes, a contact’s phone number or other information is not known right away. A VA can add information to contacts as it becomes available.

11. Add contacts to CRM. One of the main reasons small businesses don’t use their CRM app is the time involved in entering data.  Virtual Assistants can add to and organize your CRM system.:

12. Research flights. A Virtual Assistant can screen flights to meet your criteria and present options to you, saving you an amazing amount of time over a year.

13. Book flights and hotels. By providing the VA with credit cards and frequent flyer information, they can book travel once you’ve decided.

Personal Errands of Virtual Assistants

You’ve got a personal life too. Making restaurant reservations and sending gifts takes time. But they’re essential for maintaining your personal relationships. And you’re supposed to be running a business at the same time? So get your Virtual Assistant to help.

1. Manage the family calendar. Another simple personal task your Domestic Virtual Assistant can take off your plate.

2. Schedule medical appointments. With birthdates and insurance details, a VA can schedule doctor visits and even fill out those annoying forms.

3. Pay your personal bills. Just one more item you can check off of your to-do list!

The activities you assign to your Domestic Virtual Assistant are not limited to these suggestions but only limited by your imagination and your wallet.

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