What is a Lifestyle Manager?

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Virtual Lifestyle Management

Have you ever wondered just exactly what is a lifestyle manager? Picture the TV series and movie Downton Abbey, a British period drama television series created by Julian Fellowes. The number of liveried servants caring for the family of Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham, were the ultimate lifestyle managers. The 21st century has seen a modification of the personal servant position to one specializing in managing lifestyles. Just one of these is the lifestyle manager – a unique role that covers the business and leisure requirements of either an entrepreneur or high-net-worth individual and their families.

What is a Lifestyle Manager?

A lifestyle manager does precisely as the title suggests – manages lifestyles! You can find them employed by businesses to support guests or clients, handling requests, and booking travel, transportation, restaurants, venues, and suppliers. Think of a lifestyle manager as a full-time personal or office assistant. Your Online assistant can take over all the little things that slow you down.

Wait, There’s a Cost to Hiring a Lifestyle Manager, Isn’t There?

Yes, there is. However, how many hours do you spend on the phone answering questions when you could easily have a FAQ section built on your website that would free you up for a project that could increase your business multifold? That is a job for your lifestyle manager

What about that email project that you have been putting off? How about a method to capture the name and email of visitors on your newly built landing site? Your Virtual Assistant can help you acquire a social media presence to improve your business seriously. Engaging with customers and clients on social media is a big reason for their popularity. Guess what? Virtual Assistants have loads of experience in social media management and can put a campaign together that will get your customers connecting!

As for costs, we offer packages that check tasks off your list – from large to small. You can select one of our standard Virtual Task Pro packages, or we can tailor something specific to your needs. Either way, you’ll be amazed by what you can do once you get your time back.

Virtual Task Pro

I’m Kandice Gunn, Founder of Virtual Task Pro. My mission is to clear the tasks from your agenda that can bog down your day. Why choose me for your Virtual Lifestyle Management? Well, frankly, I’ve been there – in the trenches.

In 2008, I moved to a Colorado Ski town and started a luxury vacation rental business. Honestly, I had not a clue what was to come!

However, I made it work, and I ran this successful business for 11 years before selling it and relocating. During those 11 years, there were so many times I could have used the help of a Virtual Assistant to tackle everyday tasks that slowed me down. I learned how valuable time is when running a business.

As a Virtual Assistant, I show my clients how to delegate and get time back on their side. I take the work out of hiring a personal assistant or an office manager by providing my expertise virtually! With Virtual Task Pro on board, we can tackle projects you would normally assign to a proofreader, executive or personal assistant, office manager, and more. There is no need to set up a desk or roll in more benefits – Virtual Task Pro can handle your tasks with the click of a button.

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