What is Lifestyle Management?

by | Aug 1, 2020 | Virtual Lifestyle Management

The most common definition for Lifestyle Management is the outsourcing of personal tasks to commercial firms and individuals. Lifestyle managers or personal assistants act as an intermediary between suppliers of commercial services and consumers who are unwilling or unable to carry out a given task for themselves. These firms typically present their offer in terms of time-saving or access to expertise, with some firms also positioning their service as a luxury good.

For example, a real estate agent has a website and a blog on that website. The agent writes on the blog news and stories that attract potential home buyers and home sellers. The goal of the blog is to market his expertise. Some call that building a brand. The second goal is to gather leads of people who want to buy and sell properties now or soon.

Unfortunately, the agent has a big problem; the agent can’t write, his grammar is embarrassing, and he doesn’t have time to write. As a lifestyle manager, you tell the agent you have a powerful solution, outsource that task to you. You have educated yourself to write error-free, creative blog posts that attract the traffic he wants and provides the leads the agent can use to increase his business. That is lifestyle management, but more importantly, Virtual Lifestyle Management! Imagine more business, more money, more stress-free time, and more time to love the family.

Why Has the Lifestyle Management Profession Emerged?

Life has become so complicated and rushed that people find little time to take care of themselves. That may sound like a personal choice, but “unanticipated absence” costs some larger U.S. businesses more than $750,000 annually.

I have a friend that lives in the Mexican highlands north of Mexico City.  My friend spends some time every month away from the business in the U.S. “The pace in the U.S. is frantic,’ says my friend. When he is in Mexico, everything slows down; he walks more and eats better. The food is fresher, the cost of living is lower, the climate is perfect, and he and his friends enjoy kicking back.

Businesses are on the same wavelength. According to< a href=”” target=”_blank”>Corporate Wellness Magazine, an estimated 70 percent of companies of all sizes offer incentives for their employees to participate in company exercise programs, get immunizations and other wellness checks at work, and access stress counseling. Poor health costs society in many different ways as well.

What is Lifestyle Management?

Think of lifestyle management as a Concierge offering various services. These services are helpful to make your lifestyle better and improved. It is a fact that an assistant can manage your life in a better way.

Hire Kandice Gunn at Virtual Task Pro as your Virtual Assistant. She will enhance your lifestyle and create time for yourself. You will find the time to do what you need – or better yet, what you want all with the click of a button?


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