What Would You Do If Someone Could Save You One Hour Per Day?

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Virtual Lifestyle Management

How many times have you said, I wish I had more time,” or “I don’t have time for that right now?” What would you do if someone could save you one hour per day? Just imagine that! How would you spend the extra time? 

An hour extra per day for some of our busy clients means that they could spend more time interacting with customers, work on brainstorming creative ideas, analyze their advertising, refine their budgets, improve their business strategy, review their branding, or make time for networking. Life isn’t just about your job. To illustrate what that means, Inc. magazine put together a list of 24 ideas on how to make the most of a gift of time.

One Hour Per Day Translates to Five Hours Per Week!

With just one extra hour per day, you could:

  1. Catch up on all of your emails.
  2. Hand-write and send five thank-you notes to people who support you.
  3. Brainstorm with a couple of colleagues on how to make the office run better.
  4. Plan a romantic evening for your significant other.
  5. Investigate two of your competitors.
  6. Google yourself. If that takes five minutes, Google your company or co-workers.
  7. Make a list of pros and cons about yourself as a contributor to the community.
  8. Identify a mentor and send them a handwritten invitation to lunch.
  9. Get in a good physical workout.
  10. Plan a weekend trip with your family.
  11. Learn a foreign language.
  12. Have lunch with a partner or colleague.
  13. Call an old friend or relative.
  14. Update your Social Media profiles or your resume.
  15. Sharpen your powers of observation by watching people.
  16. Volunteer for a charity.
  17. Make a playlist of inspiring work music.
  18. Meditate.
  19. Clean up the desktop on your computer, or clean your actual desk.
  20. Throw the perfect dinner party.
  21. Read a business or personal development book.
  22. Write a story about yourself.
  23. Do some shopping – preferably in person.
  24. Read all the essential emails you saved for a time when you had the time.

What Would You Do If Someone Could Save You One Hour Per Day?

Hire Virtual Task Pro to enhance your lifestyle and easily save you one hour per day – time you typically waste.  Busy entrepreneurs often find they have lost the balance in their lives to the detriment of their health and other personal endeavors. In addition, busy moms often divide their time between their family and their profession and feel stressed when out of time. Hiring Kandice Gunn to do those routine time- and soul-sucking jobs will literally create time. With Kandice, you will find the time to do what you need – or better yet, do what you want.

As a Virtual Assistant, KANDICE GUNN, founder of Virtual Task Pro, shows her clients how to delegate and get time back on their side. She takes the work out of hiring a personal assistant or an office manager by providing her expertise – virtually! Kandice will tackle projects you would usually assign to a proofreader, executive or Personal Assistant, Office Manager, and more. There is no need for more office space or paying for training and benefits – Virtual Task Pro can handle your tasks with the click of a button.

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